Sunday, September 28, 2014

...and, not to be outdone...

I've been making this salad in regular rotation since last weekend, when I had to figure out a way to use up leftover salad greens and a nearly-overripe pear. This contains mixed baby greens, chopped avocado, pear chunks, pitted and chopped dates and pumpkin seeds. The vinaigrette is made with olive oil, apple cider vinegar and Dijon mustard. I kind of love this salad.
Kara's bento box

Kara's lunch and snack for tomorrow, as made by Matt!

Counterclockwise from the upper-left corner: deli ham, cucumber slices, a cut-up cheesestring, grapes, pineapple slices, animal crackers, a cut-up apple cereal bar and a cut-up chocolate and caramel granola bar.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

...and it's happy to see you...

This was Kara's homemade pizza from last night.