Sunday, June 14, 2015

A bit of creativity...

A recent trip to IKEA's restaurant yielded the inspiration for a dessert with a chocolate cake base, a caramel middle layer and a ganache-like top. Of course, being lactose-intolerant means most commercially-available desserts are verboten, but I resolved to try my hand at making it myself. While figuring out how to make it, I realized I already had recipes for all three components, in refined sugar-free form! So I'm presenting my iteration of that.

The base is a wheat-based version of my recent adventures in brownie-making. The caramel layer is just the caramel component of the recipe discussed in this blog entry. Finally, the "ganache" is just a chilled version of my ice cream base. I'm very happy with the result: the base is still dense and moist. The caramel layer isn't as intensely caramel-flavoured as I was expecting, but I find I can compensate with a bit of flake salt sprinkled on top. I'm totally going to make this again.