Sunday, March 31, 2013

A first! Homemade, dairy-free truffles!

I had enough soy creamer and chocolate left over after making a ganache tart for dad's birthday that I realized I could also make a small batch of chocolate truffles!

Here are the quantities of ingredients used:

I poured the soy creamer into a small saucepan to heat (not boil), added the chocolate and whisked until the mixture was smooth. After taking the ganache mix off the heat, I added the icing sugar and raspberry flavour, then set the mixture aside to cool. Once the ganache had stiffened up, I began rolling balls of it in the cocoa powder.

The truffles turned out really nicely. The raspberry flavour is — unfortunately — more subtle than I was expecting, but the ganache is nice and smooth. If I make future batches, I might omit the flavouring altogether and might try chocolate-coating the little balls of chocolate Heaven.


  1. I think Erika and I need to visit more often. :P

  2. If Kara's attitude (which I'm desperately hoping is tied to the last two teeth finally fully emerging) doesn't change soon, you'll only be able to visit on weekends.