Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vegan for a week: Day 3

Featuring (tonight's dinner), vegan KFC original recipe chicken seitan!

As blogged about a season ago, this version uses seitan patties as per The Edgy Veg's chicken seitan patties, again using sesame oil in place of the tahini, and getting 8 patties to a batch. From there, I opted not to go with the pickle juice marinade, but instead used homemade egg replacement powder with about ¼ tsp of yellow mustard (as I didn't have any dry mustard for the KFC dredge) as the wet part of my dredge. I otherwise hewed very closely to the Original KFC dredge recipe, having only to replace the garlic salt with garlic powder.

I've been on — understandably — something of a vegan recipe video binge this week, and saw that some people who make seitan squeeze some of the excess liquid out before dredging. I did that with this patty and vastly prefer the result to the unpressed seitan patties I've used in the past.

For being three days into eating meat-free, I'm frankly surprised at how satisfying all of the food has been so far. It looks like I'll be enjoying tonight's dinner of KFC-style seitan with potato wedges.

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