Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vegan doughnuts!

Yeast doughnuts are one of my "unicorn" treats. Commercially made with dairy and egg, time-consuming to make and also kind of dangerous (hot oil!), it's rare that I get to savour one. I've only recently begun attempting to make them myself. Unfortunately, the recipe I consulted used egg. Now that egg is a no-no for me, I was on the search for vegan yeast doughnuts. Spice Island Vegan saved the day.

The "fingers" pictured above are from the batch I fried up because I got impatient; these are first-rise only doughnuts, dusted in icing sugar. For the second-rise doughnuts I'll be making later today, I'll probably use Alton Brown's chocolate glaze recipe again. While I have no qualms with experimenting with various recipes until I get something right, there's just no sense in messing with something which you know works well.

Post-gorging update: Oh. Em. Gee. These are good. I think I like them more than conventional doughnuts. The coconut flavour that comes from using coconut oil as the fat component make these horribly addictive.

Update 2: SRSLY:

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