Thursday, September 3, 2015

Not regret-cake

After the last — rather abysmal — take on strawberry cake, shortly followed an experiment with the — also disastrous — chocolate chip cookie recipe also found in the Bunner's cookbook, I would've sworn off further Bunner's-inspired attempts indefinitely. The only upside is that Matt hilariously dubbed those baking experiments as, "Regret Cookies" and "Regret Cake".

When Matt got two batches of fast-turning Ontario strawberries from the grocery store (this late in the season?!) I found myself with a plethora of peak-of-deliciousness strawberries to use up in a hurry and no inclination to rework my last attempt at strawberry cake. I found this adaptation from The Joy of Vegan Baking, made a half-batch (and tried out my new, ultra-small cake moulds). I used the vegan buttercream recipe as posted in my otherwise unfortunate strawberry cake, with a thin layer of strawberry jam between the layers. Success!

Since then, I've baked another two mini-strawberry cakes (the second was for mom's birthday — in addition to the vegan Oreo cheesecake I made; the third is the one pictured here). So far, the only salvageable recipe I've found in the Bunner's Cookbook is a buttercream, but this cake recipe is definitely a go-to for me now.


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