Monday, July 27, 2015

Vegan yeast doughnuts!

It looks like I've made these at least three times previously and they improve ever-so-slightly every time. For this batch, I allowed them to proof for the full time suggested in the recipe and made sure they were lightly floured on the tops and bottoms for the final proof. This made them unexpectedly easy to pull off the Silpat I was proofing them on and made it so they didn't stick to the plastic wrap I left on top of the batch so they wouldn't dry out. The resultant doughnuts rose incredibly well, didn't lose a lot of structural cohesion before they made it into the oil, and were delightfully crispy on the outside. Also, I determined that giving them a fairly thorough heating in the toaster oven on Day 2 perked them back up from the soggy condition they would've otherwise been in.

I lightly tweaked my ice cream base recipe as the topping (there was more avocado in this batch than usual) and was really pleased with the result!

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