Thursday, July 21, 2016

My favourite batch of homemade vegan cheese so far

It may not look like much, but I've got high praise for my latest batch of vegan mozzarella. It's based on Avocados and Ales' Mozzarella Aquafaba Cheese, with me subbing in sunflower seeds in place of the cashews and coconut yogurt (and 14 hours of fermentation) in place of the lactic acid. The result tastes distinctly of fresh mozzarella. The texture is a lot like my earlier experiments with vegan cheese, in that it's very gelatin-y (or agar-y, if one prefers).

I've yet to try melting this, but may just forgo such an attempt to make fried mozzarella sticks, instead.

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  1. Jul 25/16 update: most recent batch used a probiotic capsule and about 25 hours of culture-time, only about 1/2 cup of aquafaba (the rest of that liquid amount made up with water), and I was initially 20mL short of the coconut oil, so I added a healthy-sized dollop to attempt to get the recipe amount more accurate. The "cheese" is cooling now.