Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blast from the past...risotto

The last time I blogged about risotto was six years ago, which sounds about right in terms of when I might last have made this dish. Yesterday, I had a small amount of leftover pork belly, chorizo and chicken broth to use up, so I returned to my favourite "everything but the kitchen sink" recipe. This version also incorporated an onion, peas, carrots, white wine and saffron.

I was too heavy-handed with the wine, but the risotto turned out fairly well, just the same, and it made excellent arancini today (which, strangely, didn't taste of wine at all).

In related news, today's trip to McEwan (my first visit to the full location!) provided me with the opportunity to purchase carnaroli rice (which I haven't had on-hand in many, many years) and dried ancho chiles.

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