Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Yum. Vegan brunch

This deliciousness was today's (late) breakfast. I oven-roasted some Ontario asparagus, paired it with my (work-in-progress) adaptation of vegan Hollandaise sauce (it's almost perfect), some rounds of vegan breakfast sausage I made over the weekend, and a vegan grilled cheese using homemade "mozzarella"

For the breakfast sausage, I omitted the thyme and added fennel seeds. Still, it could use a flavour-boost — I think I'll experiment with making a vegan chorizo.

But, yeah, this was a super-yummy breakfast. Tomorrow's variation will undoubtedly swap out asparagus for roasted sweet potato, as I've used up one and have been meaning to use the other for weeks. Should be stellar!

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