Saturday, March 5, 2016

An excellent use of homemade, dairy-free feta

About a decade ago, my workplace at the time was within walking distance of a Michel's Baguette. Amongst their many offerings, I fell in love with their Spinach Feta pastry — the salty tang of the feta being toned down by the mild bitterness of the spinach, all encased in a lightly, flaky puff pastry. Sadly, my few attempts to duplicate that delectable treat in dairy-free form went poorly. I just couldn't get the flavour right on the filling. Tofu gave me the right mouthfeel, but it was far too mild. Simply adding lemon juice didn't provide a complex enough sour element.

My recent batch of very salty and tangy dairy-free feta seemed like I might *finally* have the missing piece of the puzzle on my adaptation of Michel's pastry. So it was that, just after dropping Kara off at school yesterday, I began work on a puff pastry.

I used One Kitchen's Spinach Feta pastry as the basis for the filling I made (which has rave reviews on its relevant YouTube video). My version used only 150g of frozen spinach — half a pack of No Name brand chopped, frozen spinach.

Well, aside from the fact that my pastry turned out more cracker-like than puffy (curse you, Robin Hood Nutri-Flour!), these turned out excellently. I still have some filling left, so my attempt at making a pastry resembling Sfogliatella still has a chance to go well.

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