Thursday, March 10, 2016

Frank the Second

Long-time readers will recall that I had a very conscientious pet nine(!) years ago, one which fed me back. Truthfully, I never really mastered bread-making whilst caring for Frank (this was my best attempt) before his untimely demise. Since that time, I developed a much better "feel" for how to make successful yeast breads.

After a bagel-making jaunt at Bruce's last weekend, we found that Netflix's Cooked was just the thing to watch while waiting for our bread to proof. We ploughed through the first two episodes. Later this week, I was able to watch the remainder of the series and was inspired by the third episode to resume my experiments with keeping, feeding, and baking from a sourdough starter. Thus, I began using The Kitchn's recipe for sourdough starter on Monday evening and have been steadily feeding it daily, making up a batch of English-muffin-style dinner rolls with Frank II yesterday. They rose beautifully and the crumb is dense, sturdy, and chewy like an English muffin. Well done, me!

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